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Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by Djinn777, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Djinn777

    Djinn777 Well-Known Member

    So as to give it strength when you read because once you win and the paying! After that subsided only to be de re about a compensation have profit / loss!

    This is so extreme or noticeable after 3 years, I have now given up and chat (support) who see the progress of profits etc, simply confronted with it and let me lock!
    Nor, in my opinion only for the casino GAMING CLUB.
    Microgaming is good in itself and Fortune Lounge group or 32Red Euro Palace .... !

    Only once as "Tip"
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  2. Djinn777

    Djinn777 Well-Known Member

    übersetzung ist nicht gut aber muss ja Englich poste

    Also ig gebe es da auf wenn du da einmal Gewinnst und Dir das Auszahlen lest! Danach wird nur noch flaute sein bis de etwa wieder ein Ausgleich Gewinn/Verlust hast!!!
    Das ist so extrem bzw Auffällig nach 3 Jahren habe ich es jetzt aufgegeben und dem Chat (support) die den Verlauf der Gewinne etc sehen, einfach damit konfrontiert und mich sperren lassen!
    Gilt meiner Meinung nur für das Casino GAMING CLUB.
    Microgaming an sich ist gut und Fortune Lounge group oder 32red, EuroPalace.... !!!

    Nur mal als "Tipp"
  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Djinn777, I have moved your post here to our let's talk forum.
    You did post in casino reviews, and your posts is not a review.

    Also please, post either english or german, do not mix up both languages in one post.
    Therefore I have edited your 1st post here.

    Thanks for posting your opinion and experience
  4. Djinn777

    Djinn777 Well-Known Member

    Ok thank you!
    I have not yet come fully come deal but it gets better!
    But my experience have sometimes slow identify design and use this page also already 1-2 years!

    Thanks to all of the homepage has important and good info!
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  5. AfelG

    AfelG Member


    Thnx to my brain and other users contribution for understand your post :) no offence :D

    Don't think about the casino's as a way of earning money. It's pure luck in my opinion. On top of that it's a business so if you keep on winning why shouldn't they block you? :)

    when you become a casino player you have to find the golden average between self control and as a form of entertainment. If you treat casino as a way of living then you will loose everything for sure. But if you can keep it as an entertainment (you spend money to be entertained but at the same time not to become addicted) then you may have a chance (luck) to win.

    Thirdly, before playing at any casino check the license. If it is a valid casino then you got a place to complain about them not giving your win.
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