GGE 19/20 on NO IQ

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Jun 22, 2008
4th in the freeroll for $30 then won the $5.50 buyin for $480 and a $1,000 seat in the ECOOP III main event on December 7th ,$1.5 million prize money ,$300,000 fir:socool:st prize
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Wooww that is awesom!!!
We are verry impressed!!
Cant wait to see what Deemoney will say!!
Thank you for sharing your win and for adding a screenshot !
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very nice Kev.

Good luck. Make sure you keep
us updated​
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Congrats Kev, That Is Way Awesome! Well Played My Friend,
I Hope You End Up Taking That Big Tournament By Storm,, And Become The Next Known Name In the Poker World! Please Be Sure To Let Us Know How It Goes, No Matter How Good Or Bad, Can't Wait To Hear The Details!​
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awesome Congrats!!!
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I'm a little late but
none the less....
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