global warming

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Jul 17, 2008
I just read an article online that talked about some massive ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic that has now broken away and how this is even more indicative of global warming. Are there any of you out there who really believe that there is no such thing as global warming? I just do not understand how you can think that but I would love for you to enlighten me.
I Am One Of Those Who Completely Doesn't Believe In Global Warming. I Think Its Just Another Governmental Scam, Spread Throughout Globally, To Scare Everyone Into "Going Green". I Mean On Some Very Small Scale, Yes There May Be Global Warming, But Thats Just It, The Earth Has Been Heating Up And Cooling Down For Millions Of Years, And I For One Do Not Believe Its All Mankinds Fault For Global Warming. This Is Gonna Happen No Matter What We Do, Or What We Have Done In The Past.

My Fact Isn't Gonna Be Completely Accurate, Because Atm I Can't Remember The Statistic.

But Did You Know, That The Carbon Monoxide That We As Humans, Is Less That 1%-3% Percent That Is Put Off In The Earths Atmosphere? I Don't Remember The Exact Number, But the Ocean Is The Largest Producer Of Releasing Carbon Monoxide In The Atmosphere.{it Was More Than Half I Believe It Was}. Also, In The Last 100 Years The Temperture Of The Earth Has Rose about 1 degree. Thats In 100 Years!

I Just Believe We Are In One Of Earth's Cycles Where The Earth Is Just Warming. Like I Say 1 degree in 100 Years.

Anyways, Hope This Gives You A View On How Some Non Believers May Think. I Don't Expect You To Change Your Mind, Nor Do You Expect To Change Mine, But Its Nice To Know, We Can Agree To Disagree Here. Thats What Makes A Great Forum. That We Can Talk Together Even Though We May Not Agree On Everything hehe.​
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I"ve been staring at this question for awhile thinking about it.I did a study as a college student on this and other issues.A government scam hmmm dont think so.Here in Canada our government is spending billions of dollars on this issue and we havent seen a raise in taxes due to it.But a person could go on and on about this subject and really get know where fast.

Today we eat or drink so much junk that we have no immune systems left.I look back were my parents were kids out on a farm drinking water from a well full crapy water.Did they get sick from it ,nope but if we drank it i"am sure we would.Just like cook your hamburger to 170+ F like hey give me a break.Heck Ma and Pa ate the darn stuff red as hay and never got sick.
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