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Jun 1, 2008
Hi everyone thought I would let you all know to be careful with Gold Casino.

I downloaded the casino and all of a sudden my computer started running really slow, and got tons and tons of pop up. And i have a virus protection that will tell me what the virus or trojan is and will stop it from coming through.

Well this trojan said Gold casino. And i had to do a search and destroy with my virus protection in order to get rid of it.

Since i did the search and destroy, the pop ups have stopped and my computer is running so much faster.

This is a spyware/trojan casino.


Thought I would let everyone know.
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Thank you very much timmsa for warning our members. I really do not understand why casinos use trojans sometimes...this really sucks.

Hope your puter runs ok now?
Yep it runs fine now.
It took me 2 hours of running my virus protection software to get rid of it.
Glad you fixed it timmsa and thanks for the info
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Hi guys, just want to say, this is one reason why we do what we do here at Bonus Paradise. We care about our members and our members gambling safety, and this is why we Try to only promote the most trusted and reliable casinos, bingo rooms, poker rooms, and sportsbooks. If you see a promotion with our banner in it, then you know that that room is promoted by us. This is what makes Bonus Paradise different from many other forums around the net, as many places will promote anything and just are not informed on alot of places they promote. We at Bonus Paradise, try our best to keep up-to-date promotions, the latest news for online gambling, and to keep our members protected while enjoying online gambling at its best. Also, when new casinos and such come out, we will review them, and promote if we think these will be great places to play. If something turns out to be not so good, Bonus Paradise will remove such casinos from our forum, and we no longer promote them.

Sorry to hear that you ended up with a virus from downloading that my friend,
I never understood why people much less places of business use trojans and spyware
knowing it will crash someones computer after time.

Let this be a reminder to all, that not every casino out there is reliable, trust worthy,
and you never know what you may be downloading into your computer even if it looks
profesional and legit. Remember, if you guys don't see a casino here that is promoted,
you can still make a post or send any of our staff here a pm, and we will be happy to try and answer any questions you may have regarding a certain casino, pokerroom, or bingo hall.
We are here to help .

:thank you:​
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