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Jun 9, 2008
:cool: :winner: Pure Play is a free site they give u a free trial and then ask for $19.95 a month to keep it up but it is well worth it they freel rools WSOP SEATS and poker points so if you want to go and have some fun just playing poker for free try this one out if you do go give them my name and i might get credit for refering friends my username the is [email protected] :thank you: :thank you: :cool: :cool:
foxy we normally not allow to ask for referals
I make an exceptition for you this time.
Next time please you have to contact 1 of the admins to ask for permission, k dear?
:confused: :nuts: :nuts: i am so sorry i havent been here in here for a long time i have two accounts with u the new one under foxykitten and the old one under rosedusty which do i go by the new one for your new site :thank you: :thank you:
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:thank you::thank you: by the way i just received one of many checks that dnp owes me from ladydream so i got 450.00 out of them so far hope more r to come :kiss: :kiss: i like foxykitten to :winner:

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