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Aug 1, 2008
Does anyone know where to find the X for the 777 points I thought I found it but they haven't given me the 777 they want me to tell them where it is and provide a screen shot and I don't know how to do that and I also forgot where I found it at???? I thought I got it off of here but maybe I didn't...can anyone help me....debralee1967:sad:

Grand Mondial Casino
Grand Mondial Casino

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hi debralee....

hmmm, my accounts and view independent reports
looks interesting.....rof​
that is odd..
Had the same and they asked me where it was.
And they credited my account
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LOL, thats where I found it Kotsy, I I told them in an email exactally how I found it step by step, still haven't gotten a reply and I keep checking my account to see if I got credited nothing so far.....debralee1967....thanks....
i have only send email and have say my account is not creditet and got after 30min email back and they say the point are now on my account they dont have ask me where i have found the X or anything other lol

sorry my english is not so good

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Letina dont worry about the english ok....
We understand every word you say.
You english is good!
For me its also verry hard....;)
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