Grand Prive Casino Group Rogued!

Discussion in 'Important Announcements' started by Marina, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Grand Prive Group Blacklisted!

    Bonus Paradise has Blacklisted the Grand Prive Group and Villa Fortuna Casino from all of our sites. They have retreated to deceptive business practices.

    The following is a listing of their sites.

    Bella Vegas Casino
    Casino Grand Bay
    Grand Bay Poker
    Casino Grand Bay
    Lake Palace Casino
    Jupiter Club Casino
    Road House Reels Casino
    Fortune Junction Casino
    Jackpot Wheel Casino
    Villa Fortuna Casino
    Villa Fortuna Affiliates

    It just came to our attention that they have changed domains and the software. .... .... .... .... .... .... ....

    Please do not play at any of the above. They are rogued.

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    Kasino King
    Gambling Live
    Online Players Union
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    Casino Affiliate Programs
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Grand Prive is still blacklisted!
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  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Fantastic read.
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  4. currdogg2

    currdogg2 New Member

    hi, i play here all the time and i never had a problem, in december they sent me a coupon code dep $25 and receive $75, me and my mother cashed out $1100.00, can someone tell me what's wrong with grand prive group tx :sad:
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  5. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Many Sites have rogued this Group!
    What they did to their partners/affiliates is the biggest scandal in the online gambling industry. Here we talk about really big money what they do put now in their own pockets.
    A Casino Group who does this to their partners cannot be trusted!
    I was a player there myself, and I DO NOT deposit a single cent anymore.

    We advise everyone to NOT play there anymore, maybe one day you win a bigger amount and they will NOT pay you!
  6. tinonaama

    tinonaama Member

    The issue with the Grand Prive Group is more of an affiliate issue than a single player's issue that is for sure, I myself do not work as an affiliate of any sort but still I am not going to support a group that deceives their partners.

    You will probably get smaller amounts out for sure, but where is the limit of how much they will pay that's a question in the online gaming industry for me at least... When I cash out a few hundred's worth I always tend to worry if I see the money or not.

    I can't say I would feel "safe" playing for big money online unless it was a major site like PokerStars etc. but poker sites seem to be much safer and there are many big places that will payout 100% sure.

    But to get back to Grand Prive I don't see why anyone would support a business that's success is based on deception. It shows great greed in the people running it and that is what should make everyone think twice where they put their money in.

    You can play the same games in countless of other places that have good records to show of their operations, so do not support the ones that have made people work for nothing.
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  7. ronwho2

    ronwho2 Active Member

    Did you notice GrandPrive group is no longer microgaming.
  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Yes hon, the 1st post has been updated with that yesterday:

    We don't know if Microgaming revoked their license, or if Grand Prive just could not afford the license fees anymore.

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