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Jun 22, 2008
I loaded $$$$ onto my Greendot Card from a Coinstar machine and when I tried to use it, it kept getting declined...So after 45 minutes of trying to find out why (because their customer care system is not user friendly) I finally got transferred to Loss Prevention and they had blocked it for overseas transactions. They gave me the third degree about why I use it for overseas transactions and why I use it so frequently...yada yada yada...which is really my money my business..I told them that Greendot advertises that it can be used where ever and when ever I want...however that is not the case...anyway they reactivated my card but they said if I use it again for overseas transactions they will close my account for good...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...I don't like Greendot anymore!!! Oh Well, guess they are going to have to lay someone off with the loss of all of those $5 reload charges they will be also think it is pretty messed up that my card was good to take my money...but was blocked from spending...I would have called if I couldn't load it also... I guess they are cracking down on internet gambling also...:confused:Any suggestions???
Get a Netspend card .I also have a greendot that I load then go thru click2pay to make my deposits in casinos .But I recently also got a netspend visa and it goes right thru all by itself.
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hapee, you can also use your
greendot for Use my wallet option at most casinos.
If you don't have a Use my wallet account,
ask one of the casion's to "invite" you to open
an account. Let us know how you make out​
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Is the Use My Wallet account processed overseas? If it is then I can't...I have a Netspend and an All Access Visa but I have to drive 25 miles to load them...Thanks for the posts guys...
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I've sent an email off and will
post when I hear back.​
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Please be informed that the credit card deposit transactions are processed
overseas as we are located in Europe.

Sorry Hapee....there has to be another way for you.

Netspend and Wired Plastic offer direct deposit with no fee​
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I have 2 All Access cards but I found out yesterday that they were both closed for being dormant...but I was able to buy 2 Netspend gift cards last night and used both to play...I have to go about 20 miles north to get another All Access but at least I will be able to play...Thanks for the help guys!!
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