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With all of the hurricanes that seem to be taking the Gulf Coast track lately how much do you think the weather has affected this mecca for gambling and tourism?
Not Really Sure Sure My Friend, But I Can Say This...

If A Place To Gamble Still Stands, Come Rain Or Shine, Hell Or High Water, I Bet You'll Always Find A Gambler There! :D:D:D:D

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I have some friends there who say the Gulf has come back quite nicely from katrina and some of the other storms. The gambling industry there has been instrumental in getting the economies there back up and running again so I think many of the residents of those areas are pretty grateful for their contributions.
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The casinos do play a large part in the economy of that geographic region. There are probably a lot of people who depend on them for jobs as well as entertainmnet. Glad to have them back up and running.

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