Happy Birthday Mike!!

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May 5, 2008
Join me in wishing a dear person and a
great friend
a very happy Birthday. Through the years he's
always been there for all.

We've hired the Butler, to cater
to his every need

We've made the cake

Now we just need you to come by and wish him a

Post your wishes here and then try to win some free cash here, click the link below

Happy Birthday Mike!!
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*singing* Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Mike, Happy Birthday to you.....AND MANY MOOOOORRREE!
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auwwwwwwwwwww guys

thank you very muchs for the nice birthday wishes!!!

you guys are sweet!​
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Wishing you a day as special as you are!!
Happy birthday Mikie!!

May all your dreams and wishes come true!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!​
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Happy Birthday Mike and lots of beers and freebies!​
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I recieved tons of free cash today
i wish this was evryday rofl

Thanks guys for the wishes to me

i love you guys!​
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thank you very muchs​
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Happy birthday mike, let this birthday bring you all happiness and dreams that you would like to come true in your life. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your birthday in a very good manner that is filled with laughter and happiness, i pray god to give you healthy and happiness seasons throughout your life. :eek:
thank You Very Muchs My Friend!
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