Happy Fathers Day

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Happy Father's Day to my dear ol' father. He has always been a great man and I will have a great surprise for him tomorrow to celebrate. Have a good Sunday everyone.
Thanks Emma! Been A Hard 11 Years Of Fatherhood So Far, And Only To get Worse! roflmao

TEENAGE Years!!!!!:sad:


Thats Awesome Pokerstar,

I Just Took My Dad With Me Today With The Family Fishing And Rafting Day! {Kinda For His Fathers Day As Well} He Loved It, As I Did As Well, Had Some Good Times Today!​
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Happy Fathers day evryone

here is a :apple::D
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Wishing all the Dad's out there a wonderful day.
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Wishing all dad's in the world a awesome father day!!!!

My dad is the sweetest of all!
I love you dad!!
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:DNot Sure Which Is More Disturbing To Me, The Fact That A Frog Is On the Throne, Or That The Toilet Actually Glitters? roflmao:D

Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads Out There!

Thanks For The Post Ruey​
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Good Ol' Fathers day. Pappy's day of enjoyment and relaxation. I, of course, did not do anything. However, my family and I gave him a nice coffee mug and a Hallmark Card that sings when you open it. Very entertaining and he loved it. Pity I was asleep when he opened his present. Also planned to bake him a cake. Yet, I did not have any cake mix. Maybe tomorrow I shall go out and buy him one.

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