Have you ever loved a married woman/man?

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Jul 3, 2008
I always love Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love For You". It's a woman's song for a man who isn't hers and can't be hers because the man is already married. No, I have not been involved with a married guy. I just love the song, first for its rhythm, second for its raw emotion, third because I'm a Whitney fan and lastly because I'm a married woman myself (though I've been separated for almost four years now) and I found myself wondering if the men whom I was involved with for the last 3 years felt the same as the woman in that song.

I remember one ex-boyfriend who never wanted to let go of me even if the truth is plain, I can never be free. I urged him to find someone else and love someone else instead, start a family with her, but he wouldn't budge. He loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. It broke my heart. From the start of the relationship I was honest with him. I told him we can't be too serious like forever because I cannot divorce my husband (church issue, I cannot discuss it here). It's like I have to live alone forever...

Sigh. I know I broke his heart, my heart has already been torn into pieces and I have nothing to worry about it anymore. How about you? Have you ever loved a married woman/man? Have you found yourself doing just anything or everything for a married person? Or were you just like me? Have you ever broke someone's heart because you can't promise forever with him/her?

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