help needed!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 1, 2008
Hello BP, can anybody explain to me why i cant play rtg, after i downloaded the rtgcasino and when i will download a slot it came out with this error: cant conect to the server, download failed. i can download (f.eks. inetbet) the casino but not the games. i have also this problem, there are no tournament avaible in any of my microgamings casino, just the tab with tournament but no in there when i click. mulle22:confused::confused:
Hey mulle
I am getting this error at RTGs also sometimes lately
I then log out and try it again a bit later
if this dont work then try to reinstall the casino maybe.

Wich the tournaments tab at Micros
I get that too sometimes at All Jackpots
and then the next day it works again fine.

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