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Our beloved Dmoney was hoping for
male and female in the Whitehouse.
Well, his hopes have been crushed
and now he's starting a campaign
for all Online Gambling!
Please beep your horn if you should see
him protesting outside of the Whitehouse.
Omg, we see him now!

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omg D.........Wonder if Obama will notice you.

Well let me grab a coffee and make some signs and
I'll join ya.

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I owe you one girls! just wait, I'm gonna think of something really good,
you won't know when, won't know how, but I'm gonna get ya!

:D :D :D
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Now let's do it the redneck way. OOGA< OOGA OOGA, HONK HONK HONK

Come to think of it, kind of looks like Santa...LOL
Honk if you're h-o-r-n-y....

ooops, wrong thread..........rof​
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