Hi my fav people

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Jun 1, 2008
Ya I know I haven't been here for awhile. I've been having some really big and stressful probs in my personal life but right this minute I think I still have a home.....lol
but now I gotta work like a m'fer....so I'm dog grooming again, which is just f'n too much work for an old lady..........but I gotta earn money so I'm doing it.
so this week I'm working 5 days which is gonna kill me because I'm not used to it right now.....getting up in the morning for sure since I don't go to sleep till like 4 am......
But that's the way it goes.
I miss u guysssss
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Aww, mooley, I sure have missed ya, hon
so nice to see you
hope you get some more rest soon again
hugs to you ;)
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Awww Mooly big big hugg for you!!
God bless you dear!
And thank you sooo much for visiting us!!!
Hugg to Roda to​
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