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Aug 7, 2008

Hi To All,
I just want to introduce myself to everyone and I hope to be active member for the community.
I was born in Hull, England, but now living and working in Israel as an affiliate manager for a top online Casino room. Living in Israel as its advantages, one is the weather because I am an active sportsman. Competing in triathlons, here in Israel the sport is very much alive. On average 16-20 meets a year. Need to know more, don't be afraid to PM.

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WElcome here at Bonus Paradise ironman2000...enjoy your stay and come visit us often.

Referring to your nick...did you ever participate at Hawaii Ironman?
Welcome Ironman!

I know you will find yourself
Happy with Bonus Paradise!
We have Fantstic Members
and alot to offer...
We have some really fun contests running
where you can win real cash!
Please make yourself at home and if you have
any questions...
That's what we are here for!​
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That is my dream to compete in the Hawaii Ironman,I am one of the best here for my age group. Which is 50 plus and I want to do an Ironman next year. If anyone has any advice to training methods, I wil be happy to hear. Cheers and a healthy body is the way to a healthy mind.
Welcome to Bonus Paradise Ironman.

Nice to have an affiliate manager aboard.

It shows a sincere and earnest interest
in your Casino. Also that you're willing
to be an active participant in any inquiries
that may arise.

Would be nice if you had included in your introduction
what you offer to our members. I did love the personal
touch, but most of our members NEED to know what you
can offer them.​
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