Hi ya'lllllllllll

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Jun 1, 2008
Hi kids.......ya know I hate to say this but I really don't like Vbulletin,,,,,,,I'm prolly the only one that doesn't like it.........But I'm old and who gives a itshay........hahaha
Anyway, hi again........:kiss:
hey mooley
tell my why you dont like it
let me know, maybe I can help you
Believe its to get used only

Always good to see ya hon
have a good day
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Well there's a few reasons really for what we do with these forums.....One thing is they have lots of bells and whistles which is fine but I think there's too many of em.....
Very complicated with ithshay that gambling and poker forums really don't need.
I think this format was done for business and corporate stuff, and even for that i think there's too much stuff.
People today want instant gratification and don't want to spend days trying to figure out stuff.
I will say this. You've got is set up ok as far as finding the the threads and stuff. There's on forum which will remain nameless, lol, that is so complicated really. Too much stuff all over the thing. I like banners and stuff butttttttttttt..........these portal type thingies just irriatate me to no end.
Anyway thats my whoo haaa on this software. Just me I'm sure.....U know I loves you guys so it doesn't make anydiff what ur on......as long as ur on a body..........hahahahaha:super:
lol, ok mooley
I understand your point
but you must admit,
from the look , i did keep it how it was
I did my best to keep it, lol
and as for banners
these table with the little banners we had always so.
Yeah there are a lot features which even i dont know all yet, lol
2 things I did already rid off, this was Blog and a Project Tool thing
its was omg to much, lol

We are not done here yet dear.
Beleive me I do and try my best to make members feel well.
Hugs to you hon, love ya too
and I appreciate your feedback a lot. :kiss:
I wasn't talking about ur banners Hahahaha........I was talking about those portal type ones where the sides have itshay in em and the acctual thread posting is in the middle.......man talk about busyyyyyyyyyy.........lol............
That's the new thing u know, I know u can do it alot of the boards now......but I don't particularly like em.
One poker board has sooooooooo much itshay on it, like, u can watch movies.......hahaha
Who in the hell is gonna watch a movie when all ur looking for is a password. Hahahaha........
Your board is fine Marina, very much like the last one only maybe alittle better.....
That's my t houghts and I'm sticking to em Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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now I understand what ya meaned with banner and portal thing
jaja, lol
I know what ya mean, ja many are doing this now
you are there and search then where finally the forum is, lol

Thanks for the kind words mooley
these words coming from you mean really a lot to me ;)
Know what, thing is also
many are doing these portal front pages just for SEO purposes
to have more links and whatever to crawl
But hello, big google itself says
make your page for the user, give relevant info, make it usefriendly!
so what will be if I make my page only for google spider and co?

Just my opinion, lol
I say always, you need to see your site especially with the eyes of someone who is very new to all that. And then try your best to make it easier for them to find what they look for.
I know my 1st days on the forum, I was so lost, lol
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