Hold Your Drink

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Jun 1, 2008
Try this funny game, I´m at 34.903 seconds so far...I guess I need to have a few more...

Bierspiel "Hold your Drink" Online spielen auf Biersekte.de
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Ok post screenshots cuz I do not believe you!
I dont even get to 20 seconds!

thank for the cool game seaman.
Im a adic now


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I just got 35.61 seconds. That game is so ridiculous, but kind of amusing. I am going to go back and try to beat my record. :nuts: Any one thinking of a contest? I think I can take you all.
:p I just broke my old record and got a amazing time of 47.064 seconds of holding my beer. If you think you can beat me, I would love to see you try. I am the beer holding champion! :winner:

this would be an awesome contest

gotta keep trying!!!​
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And mine is 32.225 seconds, this is my first time points. Later when i was keep playing it, i got 68.40. That is pretty good right? Hey guys i really enjoyed this bear game. It is so cool.i am still playing it will catch you with more points that i am going to get. Thanks dude for the good bear game:cool:.
wow Pokerstar
great going, keep up
I mean keep holding that Beer
:p :cool:

lol Thanks Marina. I do what I can lol. I am a seasoned veteran at holding my own our there at the computer based beer holding contests. I never know when I might need that skill later on in life.

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