Honesty Does Pay

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Jun 1, 2008
Well heres an interesting story that just happened to me.As most of you have notice Bp has some great contests going on for its members.Well i won a part of the dance floor contest which was 1000 loyalty points which as you know is 10 bucks.So i went to play last night and had one heck of a surprise.lol Not only did i get the 1000 points i all so recieved 1000.00 dollars to boot.I"am an honest person so i had a chat with the help line about this.The bad part was to keep Bp outa it and the contest they run.I did return it and they were nice enough to give me 20 bucks along with my 1000 points.Now who says honesty doesnt pay.
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Dogbite's that was a verry nice story...
You are just a wonderfull person!!!
Im so glad we have members like you!!!
Thank you for sharing dear!!!

Here you have a big Bonusparadise hugg!

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Wow, I Am Happy To Have Such Fellow Members Who Would Be That Honest!

Thats A Big Decision To Have To Make, And In My Opinion, You Will Get Rewarded In Other Ways For Doing The Right Thing.

Thats Awesome!!​
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lol they told me even to cash that out i would of had to of wagered 30,000 bucks.And thx for the replies:cool:
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Dogbites are you still playing????
Im waiting for a screenshot with a huge win!!
You deserve that!
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Very nice story
thanks for telling us this hon
You did right, its better to be honest
It pays back at the end, really ...
life pays back all you do or not do, this is what I believe
I am glad to know you dogbites.
Wish you good luck on all your ways.​
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Thx Marina,yes theres nothing to gain by cheating anyone outa money when you know its not yours.Lol and yes Ellis i"am still playing and losing my butt
Shatzie,make low bets!!
Just like that Mega Moolah winner!!
He mad 50 cents bets.....
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look now
dogbites is not a newbie anymore
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wow dogbites. you earned so much respect from me.

Nice to know honest peeps still out there........

no show us some screenshots!!!!!

and you've arrived in paradise???

come on pal, give me some reason to give you an exclusixe title!!

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