How do you post a winning screenshot???

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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Maybe its just me but i have no idea how to post a screen shot when i hit something big, can anyone pleaaasssseeeeeeee explain it to me
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when you want to post a screenshot
hit the "print screen" button on your key board
after you hit the"print screen" or "PrtScn" button
go into paint and hit Edit, Paste and you should now have a image of your screen now hit the File tab and then the Save as... there you have your screenshot
I Hope I explained this ok for you LOL
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after you have saved the img to your PC - save as JPG
you need to host the image on a server is a good one and its free
upload the image and copy the code below the image

or you can just use our attachment option
make a post and before you hit submit scroll bit more down
and you will see the attachment option

hope we could help you
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vacant, once you hit the print screen button, it will ask you to save to a folder.

your best bet is to create a new folder first and then save the screen print to there.

when you go to post, look for the option of attaching an image. you will have to browse for it. find your "new" folder and use that option. it should come up on BP as an attachment.

if this does not work for you, let me know and I will be on MSN and walk you through it

it may seem difficult at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes​
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Alright i think i found another way to do it. Its called WINSNAPGoing to give it a try in a day or two will let you know how it works. If anybody is interest here is the addy for you to check out. WinSnap - enable superior screenshots - NTWind Software

GL on the reels and the tables!!
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