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Jul 17, 2008
So you guys all seem like a pretty jovial crowd- how many hours a day do you gamble online? I can't play every day- WAAAY too dangerous for the wallet!
Great question...
I dont have time to gamble online..

Mostly i play poker free rolls.
And once a month i play a little.
But not much.

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When i was a poker player it was a daily thing for me.Tho i got tried of this darn tournaments going on for 6-7 hours.So now i do a little slot playing which might equal a few times a week.
Maybe once or twice a week playing slots for about an hour. I depends on my bankroll...which is very low these
I think I have a few hours a week to allot for this but I am not sure how long the bank account will allow that lol.
i too usually play daily when i have a bankroll in my poker rooms. i have cut back alot lately though, trying to not be so addicted to my computer! rof

casinos, i usually play as long as i have money in my account, this could be for many many hours, or about 20 minutes roflmao

either way, i do not go a day without logging into my computer.​
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I like to try to play for a few hours a week depending on how much I have to wager with for the week. But sometimes I could go for weeks without playing and not really give it that much thought.

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