How much will you gamble in a Casino in a nigh?

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Jun 11, 2008
There are huge stories of people blowing away all their money in a casino, Some others give away all their initial earnings too if they are going to be a starter/learner.
So, is there a formula or a recipe to survive one night in a casino?? If you had to spend one night in a casino, how much would you gamble?
I Usually only take about $100-$150 with me to go play slots at Charlestown Horse Races And Slots in West Virginia.

We only go maybe 2-3 times a year and its about 90 miles from home. We usually Play penny Slots, 2 cent slots, And Maybe 5 cent slots.

The Last Time We Went, We Came Out About $50-$80 Bucks Ahead.{sorry We Aren't High Rollers rof}

But The Way We Did It Is This, We Would Stick $5-$10 In{depending on the value of the slot}And If We Hit For $20-$30 Bucks Or More, We Would Cash Out And Get The Cash Out Slip.

We Didn't Cash In The Slips Until We Spent All Of Our Money That We Had Brought To Play.Once We Spent All Our Money We Had In One Pocket, We Called It Quits And Tallied Up The Cash Out Receipts And Went Home With That.{I Spent Another $10-$20 On the Way Out rof}

Anytime We Hit For $10-$20 Or More Over What We Had Put In the Slot, We Would Cash Out And Move To Another 1.

It Worked For Us The Last 2 Times We Have Been, We Came Out A Little Ahead Both Times, And Had A Great Time With Just Us.

Try this Next Time You Go,

I Found That Alot Of Times You Run the Points Up On A Machine, and Keep Playing You Eventually Lose Them all.​
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Same here...about 200 max. per session. I need to set up a limit cause I´m not doing good with having it under control at landbased casinos. The atmosphere there lets me bet more than it is good for me.
1st let me say
that Mike and I go now maybe maximum 2 times a year in a landbased casino
there are a few reason why we not go more often,
1st we have our lil Sarah to take care of
2nd we spend most of our time on our sites online,

3rd here in Holland is more and more non smoker areas,
it sux if you love a special slot but you may not smoke there , lol
If I gamble I wanna smoke, this is why I love to play online in my own home, have my own good coffee, or have a few glass of wine and if I get drunk noone cares (except Mike, lmao)
and if I loose, I just go to bed, and dont have to drive home maybe 1 hour with a sad mad face, rof.

If we go to a landabased casino, then we want to have each of us 500 in our pocket.
So then we see who loose faster, lmao

We are going in July 1 week or 10 days to Austria to visit my family and friends,
there we will visit then also the landbased casino again.
I hope we win, they still owe me money there, rof
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You are right chatty. Starter or learner used to spend all their money in gambling.

I used to go to Casino every weekend with my friends and I used to spend almost 500$. Some times I will get some good money from gambling.

Few days before I got 2000$ from gambling and I am very happy about it.

Very good question chatty.

I love to gamble in a Casino at night. I like to gamble for more then 1000$ at night time. I think it will not be enough for me. I need more money to gamble because I like gambling very much.

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