how on earth do i deal with this

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Jul 3, 2008
At 5am this morning i heard my phone ringing, the only time i get worried is when it rings at that time in the morning because i think it's a family emergency, so i jumped out of bed and there was a message from my sons girlfriend asking to call my son. so i did, my son (23) asked me if he could come and sleep on my couch because he was in my area and didn't want to waste £20 on taxi money to get home, he lives on the other side of town, so i said yes, 15 minutes later he was here, he told me that he'd been to his girlfriends house close to my home and they had had an argument, so instead of forking out on taxi money he decided to come here then get the bus in the 8.30 this morning i woke and he had already left, usually he would leave some kind of note or message letting me know he was ok, but he didn't, so i called him at 9am and he said he was fine and that he got home ok....anyway, me and my partner went to do some food shopping and when my partner went to pay, £40 was missing, now i know for a fact that last night when my partner came home from work, he counted his wages and put it in his wallet, this was at 1am, no one was here from the time UNTIL my son arrived, so the money could not have jumped out of his wallet and vanished all by it's self, so i sent my son a text message but he never replied, i have been trying to call him for the past few hours now and still no answer, i would never accuse anyone of stealing unless i knew for sure, and we both know for a fact that it was him, i am not going to jump to my sons defence this time because it was him who took it, but he was the only one here and all of a sudden, money is missing, also all my partners credit cards had been rearranged, i feel so sad today, not only because the money went missing, but for the fact that he did it on the sly, my partner has always been good to my son, he is so upset by this and said that if my son came here again then he would not be able to stay in the same room as him because it would be too awkward for him, also he could not leave his wallet lying around while he was here, there is no need for my partner to hide his belomgings because we are the only 2 who live here, so he usually leaves it on the table, i think my son saw this as an opportunity and just took the money because he thought no one would notice, i feel torn between them both right now and i don't know what i can do to make my partner feel better, i am so angry with my son because of this, he knows that if he ever needed money, then all he had to do was ask....i am still trying to contact him but he's not answering....i just want to know why he did it and what he took it for, i really don't know what to do, but i am so angry and ashamed of what he did, i just cannot get my head around i feel that if he admitted this and came back with the money, then said sorry that things would be ok and he would be forgiven, but i know there's no trust now and i really don't know how to handle it...i love both my son and my partner dearly but things are not going to be the same any more between them....what do i do?

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