How to Become a Gambling Master

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    If you enjoy gambling, then you probably know that gambling is a skill that can continually grow and change. Beginners and seasoned gamblers alike can always find something new
    to learn about. After a while, though, it can be difficult to find the new information you are looking for in order to “up your game,” or as we like to say - become a gambling master.

    Pull out your stealthy black outfit and your nunchucks (not really, but you can if you want to) and get ready to learn how to become a master at the art of gambling.

    Visit the Library

    Many people have developed a stereotype about gamblers; some think that gamblers are uneducated and lazy. However, good gamblers know that the sport is far classier than that - not to mention
    far more intelligent. If you want to hone your gambling skills and are not sure where to turn, it may be time to visit your local library. Sharpening your gambling skills with book smarts is incredibly
    effective, especially since there are so many nifty manuals and how-to guides out there. History buffs may also enjoy browsing a large selection of historical gambling books about the most famous
    gamblers of all time like Poker Alice or even gambling history. Keep in mind that the library or bookstore near you probably has a variety of books. If you are not into non-fiction (i.e. instructional/boring)
    books, then you may want to check out the gambling novels in their adult fiction section. We promise that the library is not as boring as it may sound. It is full of action-packed books and other forms of
    media that will up your gambling game by a large percentage.

    Find a Pro

    If you are a kinesthetic learner, then you may want to find someone who knows more than you do and who can “show you the ropes.” Kinesthetic learners learn best by actually playing games and
    manipulating the learning materials with their hands and utilizing their five senses. Books might not appeal to you, and that is okay! Try finding someone who can give you a hands-on learning experience.
    Try not to be shy during your next casino visit; if you admire someone’s gambling skills, simply approach them and strike up a conversation. Most seasoned gamblers are very friendly and would be more
    than happy to take a little time to explain the “tricks of the trade.” Since gambling is a very unique experience for every individual, you may be able to learn something new from every person you stop and
    talk to. Put aside your social awkwardness and start talking to people who know more than you do. It is a great way to learn and you might even make a new friend or two.

    Practice, Practice, Practice


    If you are particularly interested in increasing your skill level at a certain game, then you may want to start playing that game every time you go to the casino. For instance, if you are trying to improve
    your poker game, then you ought to play poker until you could play it in your sleep. We strongly recommend that you get as much practice as you can when you are on a quest to learn; however, make
    sure that you do not get carried away. If you find that you are spending more time gambling than with friends or family, you may be developing a gambling addiction. Remain disciplined about how much
    time you spend practicing so that you can develop your skills without becoming obsessed in an unhealthy manner. With lots of practice, you will be playing an improved poker game in no time.

    Teach a Friend

    An old saying states that teaching someone is one of the best ways to learn something. If you want to increase your game playing skills, try finding a beginning player to teach. As you start to show them
    the ins and outs of a certain game, you may see areas of improvement within yourself that you had been blind or oblivious to before. Approaching a subject from a different perspective (i.e. teaching instead
    of being the student) often opens up a whole set of new learning possibilities. Find a pupil and get to teaching - you may be surprised at how beneficial it is to both you and your student.

    The next time you feel like going to “the next level” in your gambling abilities, try one of the methods above to learn a few new tricks. Contrary to popular belief, you really can teach an old dog new tricks.
    What we are trying to say here is that you can come to a better understanding of any topic you want to, no matter your expertise, skill level, or years of experience. Pull out a book, grab a teacher, or start
    teaching someone a few things you already feel comfortable with. You will develop your skills in no time and feel like you have come a little closer to your goal - becoming a gambling master.
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    Thanks for that intressting post ;) perhaps one of us is going to be a gambling-master one day! :)
    I think goldharry is at the straight way to become one (if I look at his bigwin pictures/videos! Perhaps he has some tipps for us! :D
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