How to Bring Luck When the Odds Are Against You

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May 3, 2008
Certain games, like poker, are considered games of skill. Although there’s some luck involved in the cards that are drawn, it’s possible to win a game with a terrible hand and equally
plausible that you’ll lose even if you have been dealt amazing cards. However, there’s not a whole lot a person can do when playing games of fortune, like online slots, lottery, bingo
or scratch games. It seems that the longer a person plays these types of games, the more ideas they come up with to help ensure a win. The following outlines some of the ways in which
people today, and throughout history, have tried to keep Lady Luck on their side.

Charms and Talismans

Some of the very first good luck charms were used in Ancient Egypt. Amulets crafted that depicted the Eye of Horus, were said to contain the strength of the sun. These amulets were worn
by adults, bestowed upon newborns and even placed on livestock. The rabbit’s foot has also been considered a good luck charm for ages. This may date back to Ancient Egypt or Africa, when
hares were considered to be lucky. Also stemming from the Middle East is The Hand of Fatima. It’s said to ward off The Evil Eye and is frequently worn on jewelry. Across numerous cultures,
teeth are often carried as well. The tradition of holding onto baby teeth dates back to medieval Europe, when it was once thought that a witch would have power over you if she had one of your
teeth. Animal teeth are also carried and worn, as they’re said to retain the power or spirit of the animal they belonged to. Badger teeth are supposed to be especially helpful to gamblers, even
more so when worn on the left side of the body. The Ancient Romans preferred to adorn battle items with the image of a boar, believing it would ensure victory at war, while Nordic peoples
tended to carve symbols or runes into their shields for the same reason. Shamrocks are also widely thought to bring good fortune and are symbols reminiscent of St. Patrick, who drove the
snakes out of Ireland. It’s believed that before the Irish employed their use, four-leaf clovers were popular among the druids, as they represented the four elements- earth, air, fire and water.


Each culture varies in what they believe is a lucky color. Traditionally, in Asian countries, red is considered to be a good choice. Green is often selected by those of Celtic decent. Yellow and
gold are thought to represent life and the sun across many cultures, both ancient and modern. They’re also the color of coins, which makes them especially helpful in financial situations.

Gems, Crystals and Stones

While it’s difficult to trace the origins of gems, crystals and stones that are said to be lucky, people still swear by many of them today. Specific ones are worked into jewelry, kept in pouches or
carried in pockets. Some of the most popular ones are moonstone, agate, jasper and tiger eye. Additionally, aventurine and tourmaline are favorites among gamblers, as well as people who are
handling financial tasks. It’s not uncommon to see people in land-based casinos rubbing a stone or placing one atop a slot machine, in the hopes that it will trigger a jackpot winning.


It’s said that crossing your fingers is lucky. Though the true origin of the story is unknown, some believe it relates to the crucifixion. Though there’s no indication as to why, gamblers are supposed
to benefit from crossing their legs. Additionally, numerous cultures use special dances to ward off evil or to call forth good spirits to aid them. Of course, there’s also supposed to be power in prayer,
meditation or spell casting, dependent on your personal belief system. Some people will call upon relatives or ancestors who have passed and request their help. Carrying an item that belonged to
that person is often believed to have power, too.

Whether you believe in luck or not, there’s a good chance you’re superstitious in one way or another. Perhaps you pick up pennies, avoid the number 13, or throw salt over your left shoulder if
you spill some. Even if you’re not particularly prone to superstition, these ancient traditions have been passed down and are so commonplace now that we often don’t see them for what they are.

As you sit down to your next online gambling session, take a moment to ponder what your ancestors may have done. Search for your own lucky object or make up a lucky dance.
Perhaps fate will smile down upon you and you’ll hit the big jackpot. On the other hand, you might just look silly, but at least you’ll be at home and nobody will see you.


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May 5, 2008
Nice read. I don't have any lucky charms or anything, but I've seen many.
The most charms I see are with people playing land based Bingo. They line many things up
in front of them. Some are omg. I also see a lot of people whisking there hand across a slot machine
or talking to it on their next spin.

Sometimes it's a funny thing to watch, other times it really annoys me.

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