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    The word “gambling” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people depending on their opinions about it. Some may be so serious about gambling that they consider it to
    be a full time job-- a way to earn money. Many people simply consider it to be a diversion just like golf, painting, reading, or any other hobby. There are a few out there that simply
    gamble due to the glam and sparkle of the whole ordeal; to these individuals gambling is a lifestyle of grandeur and excess. There are many who consider gambling a dangerous addiction
    or even a sin. Even politicians have their own views on the pastime of gambling, ranging anywhere from economic drains to economic boosts. And then there are the people who simply go
    to casinos to be the social butterfly and flit around the circles with social prowess. Oh, and don’t forget the casino and online forum owners who simply view gambling as a legitimate business
    practice. The list could go on for pages, but you get the idea.

    We are not mind readers, so we have no idea what you happen to think about gambling. However, if you only define gambling in one of the categories listed above, we cannot help but feel it is our
    responsibility to step in for a little “talk.” Many people might view gambling as a simple “get rich quick” scheme; however, that is only a shallow and poor representation of the gambling motive.
    We would like to submit to you that gambling is far more than just a surface level way to make money or feel fancy (and it is certainly more than a means to an unhealthy addiction). No, gambling
    is far more than that-- gambling is an art form. Gambling, in its most traditional sense, is a very classy endeavor. So in the name of all things classy, and in hopes of preserving the skill, etiquette,
    and essential art form of gambling, we present to you a few things you may want to know when it comes to gambling with class.

    There are a host of rather sketchy books and resources on the market today that are supposedly meant to teach gambling basics, like how to make it big, etc. As mentioned previously, we think there
    is far more to gambling than this base tier. So what are the rules for gambling with class? To be honest, there really is no guideline or rulebook to help you learn how. The best way to learn gambling as
    an art form is to embrace a form of dignity in your very nature by going through a great deal of training and practice. There are two kinds of gamblers in casinos and online gambling forums today:
    there are sharks and there are artists. Obviously, anyone with a bit of decency would choose to aim for the latter. Here’s a brief look at how to get there.

    Etiquette First

    If you have read our articles on a regular basis, you may remember reading about the psychology of casino and game design. The sad truth is that design is meant to stimulate a person to spend
    money-- not provide an environment for dignity and self-respect. However, this does not mean that you have to abandon your favorite past time. There is still hope for bringing back the classy
    side of gambling. In fact, you can play a big role in bringing back the art form of gambling in a way that says “class.”


    You are probably familiar with the shady casino scenes in movies in which sour-faced, badly dressed, and unshaven gamblers roll the dice-- not to mention their host of poor manners. If you could smell
    a movie, you would assume that said sour-faced individuals hardly smelled… nice. Thankfully gambling today does not have to be such an undignified ordeal. To approach the casino with class, keep the
    following information in mind.


    • Dress well. If you are dressed poorly, you will portray a person who cares not for the art of gambling but for the lesser things in gambling. Before you hit the casinos for the night, take a
      moment to contemplate whether or not your attire is appropriate. A good rule of thumb: imagine you will meet a very charming young man or young lady when you enter your gambling scene.
      Dress as if you are ready to drop everything and take him or her on a date.
    • Hygiene. Be presentable. Hopefully, you already do this when you attempt to partake in any social gathering.

    Being Vocal

    A classy gambler is one who knows how to conduct him or herself well when speaking. Here are a few tips to remember when it comes to communicating and being social at the casino:

    • It’s okay to be quiet. Screaming and shouting is a sure-fire way to identify yourself as a person who cares very little for the finer aspects of gambling. If you make a particularly good roll or payout,
      there is no need to inform everyone in the casino by shouting at the top of your lungs. Most dignified people find this annoying.
    • Please and thank you are important in casinos too. Be polite during your casino trip. If you find yourself on the winning end of the spectrum, be a gracious winner. If you find yourself on the losing end of the
      spectrum, be a good sport. Also, if you find yourself losing, there is never a good reason to be snobby toward the dealer. He or she is there to do his or her job and blaming him or her is a very immature move.
    • Don’t point fingers. This seems obvious and can be compared to the information in the point above.

    Due to limited page space, we can only write a surface-skimming overview of how to gamble with class and truly enjoy the art behind the sport.
    If you are interested in learning more about the art of gambling, keep tabs on our articles and keep practicing. You will be a classy gambler in no time.
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    Some great tips. Always funny to look around and see all these dressed up folks.
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