How to Get Your Cash When a Casino Says “No”

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    There are very few things in life that create a euphoria quite like hitting a big win at an online casino. Equally, there are very few things that feel as terrible as being told by the casino
    hat you’re not allowed to withdraw funds. This happens from time to time, even at reputable casinos. Here’s how to avoid the heartache, and also how to improve your chances of getting
    your cash even after they have said “No.”


    Research Before You Deposit

    One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is not to verify a casino’s reputation before making an initial deposit. Google the casino name, as well as the parent company’s name, if there is one.
    Try adding phrases into your search, like “scam,” “fraud,” and “rogue.” It’s also a good idea to check for their reputation on forums, where you can chat with real people who have actually played and
    cashed out at your particular desired casino. Equally, you should also verify that the casino is in good standing with a regulatory agency. Don’t take the casino’s word for it, either. Instead, head over
    to the regulator’s website and do a search for the casino you want to visit. This way, you can be sure they really are properly licensed and trusted.

    Read the Casino’s Rules

    Every casino will have different guidelines. Some may not block you from setting up an account and playing, even if they can’t serve your jurisdiction legally. However, they may catch the issue
    when you try to collect your winnings and then refuse to pay out. It’s up to you to know whether you’re legally permitted to gamble and if the website serves your country. Sometimes casinos also
    have clauses that state you need to provide several forms of identification in order to be able to collect. Know what they will need from you ahead of time and if you can’t provide it, go elsewhere.

    Ask Nicely

    An honest casino will try to work with you in an effort to maintain their reputation. If you’re pleasant with the customer service representative, you’ll have better results. A lot of the time, withdrawal
    issues are due to an obscure clause hidden in the company’s terms of service. They may want you to play 100 times before you can collect from bonuses or free spins. If this is the case, you’re probably
    not going to win your argument with them. Chalk it up to a learning experience and be aware of the rules for next time. If the clause is truly unfair or you can’t find it listed anywhere, ask for verification.
    Even if you’re frustrated, try to retain composure, because a reputable casino will try to resolve the problem as long as you’re polite. If you’re rude or abusive, you may find yourself locked out of your account.

    Escalate the Matter

    If you get nowhere with customer service, request to talk with a supervisor. Someone in charge may have more authority to correct issues and they might make adjustments even if they’re in the right.
    Again, this is where your attitude comes into play. You may also have luck negotiating with a company. For instance, they may be willing to give you your initial deposit back, but not any winnings.
    If you are locked out of your account, find another means to contact the company, whether it’s a phone number, alternative e-mail address, or even the CEO’s contact information.

    Final Measures

    If the casino refuses to talk to you or will not return your messages, let them know you’re going to make the matter public. Give them an exact date, what you expect to have done by that date, and the
    manner in which you intend to proceed. It’s a good idea to be firm, but remain respectful. For instance, you could write, “I have tried to resolve my issue with you to no avail. Unfortunately, feel I have
    no choice but to contact your regulating agency if this matter is not resolved by the end of this month.” Choose whatever consequence you feel is fitting. Sometimes, mentioning a regulatory agency will
    help. Other times, you may get more help if you say you’ll be leaving them a poor review or discussing the issue on a forum. If the issue involves a large sum of cash that you cannot be without, you may
    wish to seek legal representation as well.

    If you have no results from taking these final actions, be sure to follow up with what you said you were going to do anyway. Even a less than reputable casino will likely try to save face and may have a change
    of heart after they’ve seen the consequences. A true rogue casino will probably do nothing. If you’re dealing with a rogue, sometimes the only recourse you have is to notify others, so they don’t fall victim to
    the same scam. Thankfully, instances like this are few and far between. Issues with withdrawals are usually misunderstandings and, with a little honey, the casino will work with you to sort it out.
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    I have seen many people not get paid by casinos, because the casinos "terms" were not researched to see if the casino (s) are reputable. I will always only play at casinos I know will pay. If not sure, always ask before making a deposit by visiting a gambling forum such as here at Bonus Paradise.
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