I Do Feel All Grown Up Now.............

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Jul 3, 2008
I had my very first discussion deletion yesterday. First I apologize to anyone who lost count because of it. But I must say I do feel a part of the club now and quite grown up! LOL!

I guess that this distresses some, but I find it a bit funny. I suppose that I violated some rule in my "Me Me Me, It's All About Me.....Or Is It" post, either that or I had a trollie friend yesterday who didn't find my post amusing at all. I hear my friend's, doing similiar posts, were deleted as well.

Not that I am poo-pooing the rules, but if it was just a troll I don't think they are getting the response they hoped for. I actually feel kind of special. Although I would have thought they would pick one of my more controversial discussions. Alas alack it was not to be, boo hoo!

C'est la vie, eh?

How did you feel when you found your first post was deleted?

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