I found Seaman.....AGAIN!!!

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May 5, 2008
We know the winters our tough on our Seaman.......but I think he's taking this a bit too far this year.........
oh wait...........I think he's looking for the Mermaid Million...........rof

Keep "scuba diving" my friend. I'm sure you'll find something.......rof

Who's gonna tell him??? na, we'll let him be​
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:D Poor Seaman, I Bet He Found
That Old Map To The Buried Beer, And It Started Out In The Sea,
But Took Him Straight To Sandy Ground, lol He Was So Serious About Finding It
He Been Swimming Head Down All the Way, And Still Hasn't Noticed
He Has Run Aground. lol​
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Wahhaaaahahah :D
I pee here!
totally speechless, lmaaaooo
how can he? why is he? what he does there?
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