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May 5, 2008
After 13 years since introducing itself to the computer world, Microsoft will no longer support users of Windows XP operating systems.
Meaning any of the critical updates to keep your operating since running smoothly will not be available. This leaves the user more at risk for hackers and infections. Once the support ceases on April 8, 2014, your computer operating system will stay as it is. You can still use it, but expect more instances of attacks and vulnerability to hackers and other security threats. This is going to affect millions of users. Also, many applications and devices will not run as the computer world optimizes for easier ways.

What's and XP user to do? You can upgrade your computer to a more efficient and current operating system at a cost.
With the lower prices of mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers, you may be better off buying a new system with all the latest
technology. In recent years, the prices on all devices have dramatically dropped and many companies offer some nice incentives
and payment plan.

I was and XP lover and finally bit the bullet in December. I am now running Windows 8 and love it.
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May 14, 2010
This is why I have now Win 7. Don't go online with an unsupported system. It is an open door for hackers. Thank you for reminding Kotsy.

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