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Jun 2, 2008
I loaded my green dot prepaid visa and unfortunately i am unable to make any deposits with it at my usual microgaming spots. I haven't had this problem in the past so i think green dot may have crossed over to the dark side. :dracula:
regardless, i have money on the card and need to find a way to deposit it. any advice on how i can still use the money on the card? any and all suggestions at this point are welcomed.
it would also be nice if there were any suggestions as to my depositing methods in the future seeing how I will not be using green dot anymore after I get my money off of this card.

thanks for your time everyone.
lexy (banterer)

Brainstorming with me is helpful Vicky! Thank you for that. it is appreciated.
yes, i've tried live help and the suggested i just keep trying or use an alternate deposit method. as you know however there a not many alternate methods open to the US.
I was thinking there had to be some type of account I could get online that I could fund using my prepaid visa that I could then turn around and use to fund my casino account. Does that sound like anything that has a possibility?
What is wired plastic?

Lexy (banterer)
hey sexy lexy, go for the Wired Plastic or a Netspend Card.

They are accepted at most Micro's. I've always been able to play.

It's a hit or miss on a few. Pm me if you need any help​

oh, I forgot................

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thank you everyone for helping me out. I think i'm going to try going with the all access. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my post and give some advice!

Kotsy, love your gutts!! you are too funny!


:thank you:
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