InetBet Managers Bonuses

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How do you get manages bonus's?? I never get anything from any casino.....LOL, can get to ya after awhile.....Debralee
I did deposit but I still don't get anything.....:sad:

To get a manager bonus depends on your deposits and withdrawals from the previous month.
If you had a bad month they give you something back.
Also if you always only deposit the minimum and only then if you can claim a bonus with it, it might be you wont get a manger bonus.

I know our Seaman did also never get a manager bonus, he then e-mailed them and asked why this is so, and now he gets it also.

Also everyone please know
the manager bonuses are not all done yet, this mostly takes til the 20th of a month.
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I emailed them last night and asked them about the managers bonus because I have never gotten one and they emailed me this morning and said there was still 5 maybe 6 days that they are still due to be out, that if I didn't get one to let them know and they would let the manager know, so keeping my fingers crossed, I just never get any free chip emails, I only deposit at 3 casinos but one email with a free chip would make my day....Thanks Debralee.....;)

Got mine crossed for you;)

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