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    I heard about a new gambling site called by Outstube, and want to know something about it. What I know is this will be a rival of because their bets based on videos too. Does Somebody know something more about them?
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    Hello Michael and welcome to Bonus Paradise. I have never heard of either site. Google search isn't providing much and Outstube without an exact web address isn't providing much.
    Do you have the exact website address? Then I could research more and get into depth. In my opinion, always proceed with caution for new websites. Tread lightly and don't jump at the first great offer.
    If it's a legitimate site, then you will find more and more credible information online.
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    thank you for the answer, I just heard about it from my friends according to them it will be a "brand new site" based on videos that is what I found in their facebook site: the site is under develpment how i can see: if you find something more please share with me. Thank you again:
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    If it's a brand new site, then I suggest to sit back and watch it and not contribute to it. It the site is legitimate and has a proven following, then more information will be available. New sites need to earn the trust of people.

    Just curious, is this your site? Do you have any connection to it?
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