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Jul 13, 2008
on thursday, on a greyhound bus (and im sure most of you saw this on the news) a man attacked another passenger and hacked off his head in front of the other passengers... in yesterdays paper there was an article about how the man had superior work ethics and was this gentle person... suddenly he stops attending work and just disappears... his wife thought he had just disappeared to attend to a family emergency, and his place of employment heard rumors he was going to apply for a job in winnipeg... okkkkkkkkkkk ... now the judge in the case... instead of appointing a psyciatrist to analyze him (and shouldnt that be the first thing they do???) is saying oh just let him consult his lawyer first... (he doesnt have one, doesnt want one, and isnt talking to anyone) it seems to me that this man has definitely suffered some kind of psychotic break down, and shows the classic symptoms (ie: completely changing from mild mannered honest hard working individual to im getting on a bus and killing someone today...) now why isnt this judge sticking him in a psychiatric institute and getting doctors on him right away??? duhhhhhhhhhhh wake up judge...
Its strange how things can be over looked by others.I have heard so many stories on the news or in the paper that makes you wonder.Oneday a person is a loving family man/women next day he kills his whole family for what.Today people are over stressed because of debts,work and so on.
yep dog... they go from sweet and mild mannered to look out im psychotic in less then 60... and friends/family/neighbours are always the last to see it coming

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