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    If you have children or little ones, then we've all seen the Pixar animated film Toy Story.
    In many of the Pixar animated films, the number A113 tends to pop up somewhere in the film.
    In Toy Story, it was on the license plate. It's the forbidden code in Wall-E and on the film Finding
    Nemo, it's on the divers camera. You have to have an eagle eye to spot all of them, but it's throughout
    many films and movies such as Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Simpons and so many more popular films.

    The reason being is that all of the animators are paying homeage to where they learned their trade.
    Animators form California Institute of the Arts in the Character Animation Program while silently insert
    A113 into their work.

    Pretty neat when you think about it. I'll surely be watching films more closely
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