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May 5, 2008

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this week Casinorewards are giving out 5 times a 50 free out
if you send the right anser

Who am I?
I have a clothing line named House Of Dereon
I collect African-American art
My celebrity name is actually my mother's maiden name
I was voted Best Dressed Celebrity of 2006 by the editors of Life and Style magazine
i lost over 6kg in 10 days for my role in a hit movie, with a drastic diet where I could only drink maple syrup mixed with lemon juice and water.
I was named The Most Desirable Woman Of 2007 by
I am allergic to perfume
I became the face of American Express in 2007.

Enjoy this week’s trivia and email your answer to [email protected] by Wednesday 10th December 2008.​
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Allergic to perfume...OMG
Cant live without that!
Thanks Percival!:snowplay:​
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