Joan Rivers RIP

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    What a sad day today. Whether or not you liked her comedic approach to comedy, she was known worldwide for her brash. This woman had no boundaries on the subjects she touched.
    She basically told it like it is. Many loved her and many loathed her for her honest approach. She was a mainstay on the Johnny Carson show for over 20 years until a rift between the two came when she got her own late night show. I always had hoped they had mended fences before either one of them passed. Unfortunately that never happened. She will be missed. Loved watching her on the Fashion Police in the USA. Her last wish was that people were laughing.

    Rest in peace Joan. You've earned your star on the walk. I will surely miss your input on the red carpet events and on your E! show.

    Condolences out to her daughter Melissa and grandchild. I'll surely miss the duo.
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