Just a Thought.

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Jun 16, 2008
Let me give you a scenario.


Like a flower unfolding, the white petals of the robin blue sky opened up, unveiling the curtain of unseen stars that lie beneath the skies surface. The sky has white 'foam' as it gently laps in the wind, the ocean above us and at the same time, beneath the dark, brown and dirty rocks that lie beneath our scattered, ragged feet. Hurried footsteps roughly pattered the indented cement like an dark black tide, as sweat gently drips off the forehead of the runner like sweet lily dew. The trapped weeds of the cemented pavement eagerly begged him to look at them, a gently purple flower blooming at the tip. As his footsteps approach, the gentle flower seemed joyful as the cold wind tumbled along.


Well, there goes the poor flower. And yet the man who is late for his work carried on, hurrying as if there was no tomorrow just for his job. At his work, he grumbles, staring at the clock every hour to see if his shift is done. If he could go home. Finally, the shift bell rings and he springs up, finished for the day and tromped on home. His car still needing to return. One child is staying up late playing video games, without much as a glance at his incoming father. The father sighs and carries on to his room, and the other child is already sleeping. Three is no meal together. The wife is out working.

But what if there was no tomorrow, and he died, then and there? The end of the world, perhaps.

People are too busy to consider what they could do to enjoy their day, to stop and feel the soft wind. Humans so concerned with one self, that it is a pity. Give me art, people of the forum.

What could have been done to improve the life of this man. What could have been done to enjoy oneself.

Give me a view that is not noticed at first. Up to discussion. Give me art people. Art is what I want.

As well. What would you do, if the end of the world was precisely 6:00 tomorrow night, and you were the only person that knew?

Art people, give me art.

-Love Soar386.
no art from me soar. but a thought or two.

I have buried 2 dear people in the last few weeks and keep asking myself; "What if?"

Well, that's a question I never want to ask again.

You need to take the time and do the right thing.

So now, no matter the day, I walk by people and give them a smile. You'd be surprised at who smiles back. I've deposited quarters in expired parking meters and have made several phone calls to people that I haven't spoken with in ages.

Reading your story makes me think of the movie "Pay it Forward". If you've never seen it, it is a must. It will truly make you think of things differently.

No matter the little things you do in your daily life, it could change someones world completely.​
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what powerful messages from both you guys. this world today is moving way to fast at times, and we never take the minute to think about things, we just take just about everything for granted.

and kotsy, you are very right my dear friend, doing something so little, could change someones world totally around.

most of the time, its the small things that truely make life worth while.

i try to always believe in "pay it forward"

when at times i can.

thanks both of you for these powerful thoughts to pounder as i lay my head down for a bit of shut-eye!

Stay strong my friends,

;)love you guys!;)
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