Justice for Justina-please support



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May 5, 2008
It's not too often I put my personal views on the forum, but this is one cause I am whole heartedly in for.

I am asking anyone that reads this thread to please support the petition. I will spell it out as simple as possible.

This case is full of bureaucratic red tape and a teenagers life is at stake. It involves two states and custody of this child.

I truly believe this child needs to be turned back over to the custody of her parents and let them make the medical decisions.

She has now been in the states custody for about a year. Please sign the petition to return this child to her parents.

We must get the word out and put the pressure on the USA to do the right thing. Please tweet and facebook to boost
this petition.

This is a child from the USA, but any support worldwide is needed. I am asking all of you to please support this decision.
I have been following this story from day one and as a parent I am heartbroken that her parents are going through this.

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