Kentucky want to seize 141 Gaming Domains!

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May 3, 2008
Important information!

Last week, the State of Kentuckey in USA filed a lawsuit to seize the domain names of approximately 141 sites.
Famous Online Casinos are on the list.
Even though this seems proposterous, the current state of the case is as such;

Some Casinos already had to block accounts from players residing in Kentucky.

The goal of the state of Kentuckey is seize the .com gambling related sites.
No matter in which country they are hosted or the owner is living.

On Friday, the Judge in the case have given 7 days for briefs to be filed and will review at that time.
Until then, many online gambling sites have been changing their URL's relecting out of the USA like some are redirecting already to domain extensions.
If Kentuckey were to succeed in this case, the 141 gambling sites with the .com would not be accessable if the .com originated in the USA.

We'll keep you updated and try to explain as easiest as possible.
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Poker News - Kentucky governor seizes gambling site domains -

Kentucky law
Despite being businesses based outside the United States, the online gambling sites' domain names are vulnerable to U.S. jurisdiction because they are stored with a registrar located in the United States.

Kentucky is also uniquely positioned to bring action against Internet gambling operators because it considers domain names to be forfeitable under its gambling laws.

With the exception of horse race betting and state lotteries, gambling is illegal in Kentucky under KRS Chapter 528. Under that same law, any gambling device or gambling record possessed or used in violation of the law is forfeited to the state.

According to the law, a gambling device could be any machine or mechanical device manufactured primarily for the use in connection with gambling. In a hearing last week, the court found probable cause exists to believe that the domain names were being used in connection with illegal gambling in the state.

Most gambling may be illegal in Kentucky, but Beshear actually campaigned for governor last year on a pledge to push for the legalization of casino gambling in the state. So far he has been unable to convince lawmakers to put a proposed gambling amendment on the ballot to change the laws.
It all boils down to $$. This Governor assumes that if people of his state don't gamble online, they are going to throw their money into the State gambling system. It's a shody attempt to raise revenue for his state and in the process take away peoples rights.
Way to go Governor.

Time to call and email your state reps USA citizens.
If this man is successful in his attempt, it means censorship has won
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Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky couldn't get the 60 votes needed to pass the bill out of the 100-member chamber in order to get land based casinos in
Kentucky (including slots at the Horseracing Tracks) so he goes after online gambling!

Kotsy's right it is all about the money! People of Kentuckey have started a petition to recall Beshear and I think anyone and everyone of voting age that lives in Kentucky should sign this petition.
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Even if you don't live in the state of Kentucky, sign the petition to send a loud and clear message.

Other members in Government will re-think what this Governor may or may not propose and support.
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September 26, 2008 (InfoPowa News) -- With more information coming in on the incredible spectacle of the Democrat governor of the U.S. state of Kentucky trying to confiscate domain names from international operators, the Kentucky seizures are increasingly taking on the appearance of a farce.

U.S. media are reporting that the lawyers who put together the domain list and legal argument for Governor Steve Beshear were engaged on outsourced contingency agreements -- no win, no pay.

And those same lawyers seem to know little if anything of the online gambling industry, with some reports claiming that as much as 30 percent of the seized domains are out of action and have been for some time. In two cases -- High Rollers and Lucky Pyramid -- the seized domains have been offline for months following the death of the owner-operator, Warren Cloud, who's group has since been taken over and re-branded by the Virtual Casino group.

Kentucky's Justice Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown showed his lack of knowledge when he said the state did not shut down the sites. "At this point in time, I don't know why they are shut down, but it's not pursuant to our actions," he said. The most inexperienced online player-detective could have sussed the position out with a little elementary digging.

Today's hearing, in which Judge Wingate will decide whether the seizures are to be made permanent, is likely to be a crowded affair, as a number of interested parties are sending high-powered legal teams to object to the Kentucky action.

The freedom of the Internet pressure group iMEGA has already announced that it is sending a top legal team to object, as has Go Daddy, a domain registrar impacted by the Kentucky moves. has been contacted by companies that registered some of the domain names in question, and they plan to file an objection to the court order, said Christine Jones,'s general counsel, in a statement.

The non-profit Internet Commerce Association, which represents domain-name investors and developers, has called the move a "dangerous precedent" in a statement on its website. "It appears that there may be no statutory basis for this unprecedented action, that Kentucky may lack sufficient jurisdictional grounds, and that it also may violate the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution," association President Jeremiah Johnston said in a statement.

Justice Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown expects some heavy opposition, and revealed overnight that the hearing, which was originally set for Thursday but postponed a further 24 hours, was rescheduled to allow defendants more time to find local attorneys.

If Judge Wingate orders the domain names to be forfeited to the state on Friday afternoon, Kentucky will notify registrars of the order and take control of the at present only temporarily seized domain names, "subject to anybody filing some sort of objection."

Brown said the state of Kentucky's strategy in seizing the domains is to force online gambling operators into settlement talks, compelling them to block Kentucky users from their websites and pay damages in exchange for the state returning control of the sites to them. If they refuse, Kentucky could block access to the sites by users across the world, Brown claimed.

But that strategy could backfire and lead to extensive litigation. Andrew Allemann, a domain-name industry expert from Texas, said that opposition could come from freedom of speech and Internet protagonists and not just the online gambling industry.

"I'd say (the governor) has underestimated the expense of this battle, and he's also underestimated the backlash," he said. Allemann expressed serious doubts that Governor Beshear will ultimately be successful in his lawsuit, although he acknowledged that serious damage to business could be inflicted if websites are shut down even temporarily or have to be re-branded and re-marketed.

In another surprising revelation, Governor Beshear's spokesman Jay Blanton said private attorneys were engaged to work the case for the state on a contingency basis of no win, no pay.
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I signed, even though i don't live in Kentucky! Number 46, signature!!! :sad:

(thought there would be alot more signatures) luvslots
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aaaarghh, this makes me really sick . I can't believe it, they still need to discuss about KY maybe has the right to seize gambling domains?

People you really have to stand up against this, where will it end if they really succeed with this!?
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Just found this:

The governor of Kentucky is trying to seize control of the domain names of 141 online gambling sites in a drawn-out court case that has been underway for weeks.

The Online Casino Advisory is calling for a boycott of online gambling until the case is concluded. The Advisory calls for '...a boycott by all gamblers, civil libertarians, and concerned protectors of the Internet of all products of Kentucky, or anything that produces Kentucky tax revenue. Until [Governor] Beshear lifts his fascist order, every effort must be made to hurt the state's coffers.'

The Advisory also calls for a boycott of Churchill Downs facilities, which residents of Kentucky use to gamble on horses.
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