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Eight Utah elementary students are showing
their support of a fellow classmate
by taking one for the team.

When third-grader Emmalee Havertz
missed a whole month of school for
treatment of a rare liver cancer,
the course of chemotherapy caused her to lose her hair.
A student's mom, Cari Carroll,
decided she'd rally the boys in the class to show
Havertz how much they care by ... shaving their heads!
"I thought this was something they could give
back to her and show support for her and say,
'I did something for someone else,'" Carroll explained.

And do something they did!
With help from one boy's grandpa -- a local barber
-- the kids set up a video camera
and recorded the whole event.
As the eight boys got buzzed,
newly shorn classmate Tyler said,
"We're going to shave our heads
'cause Emmalee Havertz has cancer and she lost her hair;
so we're going to show her that she's not alone
and we can shave our heads, too!"

As for Emmalee, she received a DVD of the
whole event to lift her spirits before her
second round of chemo. Smooth move, indeed!

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Jun 1, 2008
Thats really awesome! It´s a nice gesture and for sure means a lot for the girl.

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