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May 3, 2008
Ladbrokes is ROGUE has decided to change the terms and conditions on all of the affiliate contracts and restructure the commissions to the affiliates on all players that have signed up through them.
This is not only a breach of a contract for all of the hard working affiliates, but most importantly it has brought their level of a trustworthy site to a zero tolerance level.

If I were a player, I'd be asking myself these questions...
Should I play here? They have breached a contract with the folks that promoted them, how are they going to treat me?

DO NOT play or bet at Labrokes and their subpages:

DO NOT sign up for the affiliate program for Ladbrokes which is called Score Affiliates
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Apr 23, 2009
This group must be living on dire times. In the past, they concentrated mainly on sportsbook activities and they hardly even glanced at their casino operations. Now, it seems they dont care a damn on how it affects their reputation. There are plenty of other choices guys, be it casino games poker or even sports betting.
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Jun 17, 2008
So sad when the few casinos that were considered trustworthy pull these stunts and prove to everyone they are not safe just GREEDY! The Affiliates and Players are no longer their #1 priority, money is! :sad:


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Aug 22, 2009

I found out today they have a "claim 5 No deposit required" promo if you just login to your account within a certain period of time.... which is what I did and indeed I received a pop up saying "Claim 5 No Deposit Required" when I click on it.. it says SUCCESSFUL (meaning I have just claimed the bonus)... however it was never accredited so I went to chat with the customer service... and here is the transcript of our chat...

and here is our chat transcript...

Thank you for using Ladbrokes Live Chat, a member of our Customer Services Team will be with you shortly.
If you require your username or password please click here to have it sent to you.

You are now chatting with Kelly

Kelly: Welcome to Ladbrokes Live Chat. How may I help you?

mark: Hi kelly, just a minute ago i was chatting with helen regarding a pop up coupon saying I can claim 5 No deposit required

Kelly: In order to locate your account, please confirm your username or account ID

mark: ******

Kelly: Thank you

Kelly: For security purposes, please confirm your date of birth and mother's maiden name

mark: ****************

Kelly: Thank you

mark: as what I've said... just a minute ago i was chatting with helen regarding a pop up coupon saying I can claim 5 No deposit required

Kelly: I can see from the previous chat you know that the bonus only applies to UK customers.

mark: she said I cannot claim it because I reside outside UK even if I am a depositing player

mark: but it doesn;t say your promotions page

Kelly: It does state it in the Terms and Conditions.

mark: it only says..2.This offer is only open to customers who have registered at with English, Irish, Swedish, Thai, German, Canadian, Danish, Czech or Spanish set as their preferred language.

mark: 1.Full Terms and conditions of Ladbrokes website apply. 2.The Promoter reserves the right to refuse any promotional offer to any player for any reason, or to withdraw an offer at any time. No correspondence will be entered into. 3.The Promoter reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify this promotion at any time (and for any reason) without notice. 4.Ladbrokes Casino reserves the right to limit the eligibility of a customer to participate in a promotion or exclude players from a promotion if there is reason to believe any player is abusing a promotion. 5.Customers found to be abusing the spirit of any Ladbrokes promotion may be banned from future promotions. 6.Promoter: Ladbrokes International PLC a company registered in Gibraltar with Company Number 46808 and whose Registered Office is Ladbrokes International PLC, 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. 7.For any query related to this offer, please email quoting the code CA07017.

Kelly: Point 8. Offer available to UK customers only

mark: there is no point 8

mark: only up to point 7

Kelly: No if you go to the full Terms and Conditions you will see it goes up to point 16.

mark: I can show you the print screen of my laptop.. and there is no point 8

Kelly: I have the promotion in front of me from the site.

mark: same here

Kelly: This is only available to UK customers, is there anything else I can help you with?

mark: hahaha never mind... next time don't put it on your terms and conditions... and put a heading... "5 no deposit required for UK Customers Only"... okay???

mark: I surely will post this on all casino forums so customers will be aware of your background

Kelly: Thank you for chatting with me. I'd like to know how I did today, please click on "End Chat" in the top right corner to leave feedback. Goodbye.

Kelly: Winner Takes All! Bejeweled branded Acer notebook + £/€50 Slot bonus + Bejeweled goodie bag up for grabs when you take a spin on our Bejeweled slots at Ladbrokes Games. Game On!

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
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Jun 1, 2008
spyke573, I have editet out your personal infos from this chat transcript. It´s not a good idea to post them in public. Beside that, I had a similar bad experience with their promotions and I will not play there until they have made some big changes to the good. Thank you very much for your warning!
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