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    Marina Administrator Staff Member is a website providing information and advice regarding aspects of the online gambling industry, to consumers.

    In order to participate in the community forum provided on the website, consumers must be of 21 years of age or older. promotes various gambling websites and offers.
    Consumers are required to take responsibility for ensuring that any websites or offers they take part in are legally permitted within their country of residence.

    While does its best to ensure all websites and offers recommended are of the highest quality and fulfill all legal obligations,
    it is the responsibility of the consumer to check this before taking part in any offer or playing on any website. assures that all personal information provided by consumers is kept confidential. No data will be shared or sold to other providers for commercial purposes.

    Consumers making use of the gambling forum must participate in a respectful, polite and decent manner in their interactions with both other consumers and the mediators
    and administrators of the forum. Behavior that is disrespectful, impolite or indecent will render the consumer banned from the forum for a time determined by the mediator.
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