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    Win A Day Casino Welcomes Crypto Currency Payment

    For fans of the proprietary software online casino, Win A Day, it is already a known fact that this site offers players the opportunity
    to pay for their online gambling entertainment with the crypto-currency Bitcoin. Now, the site has made things even easier for its
    players by announcing that it has introduced a new form of crypto currency payment to its stable – Litecoin.


    According to Win A Day Casino, players are increasingly turning to digital currencies in order to fund their online casino accounts.
    As such, the site has now launched Litecoin as another viable option, and this is in addition to Bitcoin.
    Litecoin works just like Bitcoin but, says the site, it is even faster and comes with a vastly reduced fee.

    Win A Day Casino reveals that Litecoin will also be available at its sister site,, in the very near future.

    Litecoin was developed in 2011 and it has been declared a reliable cryptocurrency for players who seek security with minimal transactional delay.
    Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin can be used online as one would use any other currency.

    “Designed as a faster and more scalable altcoin, thousands of transactions can be completed in seconds globally,” says Win A Day Casino,
    declaring that players can both deposit and withdraw in Litecoin at the online casino, enjoying almost instant deposits and next working day withdrawals.

    Funding a Casino Account with Litecoin

    Setting up a Litecoin wallet only takes a few minutes, and players can start sending and receiving litecoins as soon as their wallet has been created.
    There are many Litecoin wallet options, some of the more popular ones being Electrum or Jazz that allow for the easy storage of multiple crypto currencies on the player’s desktop.

    Litecoins can be purchased at special exchanges such as Bitstamp and GDAX. Payment for Litecoin can be made using credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers or even using Bitcoin.

    Players at Win A Day who wish to fund their accounts using Litecoin, should select this as their payment method in the cashier.
    They then use the address provided to send the desired amount from their Litecoin wallet to their Win A Day account.
    Alternately, players can scan the QR code with their mobile device if they have set up mobile payments.

    Bitcoin Bonanza at Win A Day Casino

    In the meantime, Win A Day is running its Bitcoin Bonanza promotion, where players are fully rewarded for making deposits into their accounts using this famous crypto currency.
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    This is really fantastic news!

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