Look Hubby put the lights up!

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May 5, 2008
V, I'd take those down and put them in bed
next to him...........rof​
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Jun 1, 2008
I don't see no problem with them, there lights. Look they may not be strung out, just in a cluster, but would suggest, if left in a cluster, you need more of them, so get more of a holiday affect.
Heck, these here rednecks in this area leave them up year round. Which isn't such a bad idea. Many good reasons for that.
First, it keeps the house and area lite up, on the outside. Makes good security, as you can see who's comming and gone. Can kind let you see if cousin Babba, is trying to sneak a peek thru the window at aunt Ruthie.
Well, you don't want nobody tripping in the yard, over beer coolers, toys, and the new BBQ cart, you stold from WalMart. Damn, them there shopping carts are getting hard to find, anyway the metal type are. By the way, don't want any relatives getting hurt, when Uncle Joey yells, I am getting the shot gun out to shoot that peeping Tom.
If you got company comming, and it's after dark, makes it alot easier to tell them which kinda lights to look for, as everybody is different. Lot easier than look for one of those fang dangle house numbers. Nothing like, running up to a house in the dark, with a flashlight, looking at the numbers and a dumb hillbilly cop, comes by and arrest you for attempted burglary, maybe accused of peeping Tomming, or worst yet, get a load of buckshot, in the butt, from that there Uncle Joey running across them there neighbors, shooting at the cousin, because he might thought you was him.
with them there lights up year round, gives a romance look to the house. Speakin of romance, if you got some of them there kids, you can see who they are with and what they might be doing. Never can be do careful. May be a stranger you don't know. Sure don't want to get the wrong blood line gone. You all know, if the blood line stays close, it is call royalty.
Heck folks, I got alot of reasons, for them there lights being up, but okay, I'll do one more and I'll give it a rest. This will be the best reason though.
With keeping them lights up, you don't have to take them down, and put them back up. Why waste all that energy, when something more important can be done and this light hang, happens only once a year.
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