Look out....i am on the loose

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Bad Boy

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Jun 1, 2008
Okay, I am roaming the forum today. I know you all just hate it, that the long winded poster, is posting, but hey, I am bored, and haven't been to bed in 24 hours. Now, I got to stay up, to shed my, I don't want to go to sleep, when I should. Do this every so often. Could it be, that the wife won't argue with me. Maybe due from not working for almost 8 months. Maybe the meds I take. Wait, it just may be, that I have such an active mind, that I can not hold it back.
OMG, this has got to be, one of the dumbess post I have made in a long time. You all be the judge. Go ahead rant and rave at me...I can take it, do your damage. Hit me hard. I got big shoulders, and can handle anything. Believe me, I can, as I have been married so long,that should proof enough.
Hit me, slap me, or better yet, spank me......LOL
lmaooo Bad Boy......... come here and get your spanky :( :D

na serious, i not find it a dumb post at all
hey, this forum is for the members to fell well and home
and if you find you need to vent or just post so
well fine to me, lol

Hope you feeling better now, lol ;)
found the perfect paddle.............

or how about a


your posts are never a bore. I luv em​
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Great post my friend, we all need to rant a bit from time
to time, which i've been known to do myself. :D

Trust me, all staff here has seen a rant or 2 from me on the forum, and probably many other members as well. Just to make it clear, it has never been a rant against anyone here, but usually about politics. roflmao​
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