Look what i did in 6 min.The end results!

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic
Thanks Dogbites! I am so excited!
I've been playing these tournies a looooong time
and this is the only time I've made 1st. I won 3rd in a tourny once but there was a "glitch" so because I didn't have the feeder number I got nothing! So I figured what better way than a screen shot!
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I think the cash is your there V.When they pay you out how about a drink or to for us?lol I got my paws crossed for you
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Wonderfull Vick!!!
Whaahooo finaly one of us that hit one...
I won one time 15, really cool!
Are you still playing Vicky​
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how awesome is that

way to go girl
very very deserved toooooo:cool:
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All Jackpots Casino

is awesome with their tourney's.

Congrats V.​
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Not so funny ending LOL
I had my 4 year old Granddaughter today...
I was playing cashapillar,no sound on as my hubby was resting,
went to the bathroom,came back,
answered the phone....
turned around and voila' my balance had went
from...$153.00 and some chage to a cool...
$6.00! I laughed hugged the granddaughter...and gave her the best advice I could...I said
"Baby, Slots are NOT your Game!"
Gotta Love the Little ones!:nuts:;)
Imagine you would have played Mega Moohla and she would have hit the big one..lol

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