Look what I found in my garden a while ago

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May 27, 2008
Ok, its a while ago that I discoverd this animal in my garden,and these foto's that
I still had on my computer.

BUt OMG i can remember I scared...............!!!

In the Netherlands we call it "Egel".

I had those sticky needles, and i had no clue, how to pick
up this thing, to give him a secure place in someone elses garden.....

Even the cat was WTF....lol

Just wanted to share:kiss:​
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Awesom Vick!!
Yup, learning a lot of new english words lately,lol​
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how cute ellis......

just becareful of those things. rof​
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A few years ago, we found a young baby IGEL and I gave it a place in the basement to hibernate.

It was cute..but one has to feed it with living mealworms...
Sure glad everyone loves animals.
Back, long ago I found this young, lovely animal. I was at the Sunday afternoon drag racing. It seemed to be scared, and sad. Being I am a kind person to animals, I attempted to befriend and comfort, it. Well, at the end of the race day, figured out, that someone had dumped this animal, by what everyone was telling me. So, I decided to give it a home. Became very faithful.Yeppers, that was over 30 years ago, and I still have it. Kind of slowed down, in its time, but it trained well. So well, I married her, now over 33 years.
you surely are a bad boy!!!

too funny​
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