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Discussion in 'Gambling News' started by Sparkz, Jun 2, 2009.

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    i took up the offer of the no deposit bonus (before i stopped gambling), when it came to the section asking for passport/id number i was stumped because i have neither, as mentioned before i never have gone overseas so there was never any point me paying £100+ for a passport (and an extra £30 or so train fayre to go to another town for an interview before it would be validated) and have never needed an id card (provisional driving licence) because iv always been able to buy cigarattes and alcohol etc as i look my age. Sadly in the uk they dont just issue everyone with id cards, unless you are a school/college student (where you get student id cards).

    as i wanted to try out there games because id never seen some of their slots before i put "dont have either" in the box and that was all accepted (on this type of occasion i would email the casino and explain to them about the problem with id, on 99.9% of occasions when that has happened the casino would understand, and would usually accept various documents such as government issued tax slips, wage slips, national insurance card and of course my birth certificate to proove my identity) and i started playing.

    after a while i won a fair bit and had met wagering requirements, then tonight i thought i may as well cashout (£40 max cashout i think), i even went to live support to explain to them this problem with id/passport .

    The support certainly wasnt friendly, clearly from the entire conversation he/she couldnt care less about customer support,

    lets say if i had made a deposit, and lost it, they wouldnt of said "well you dont have the appropriate id, heres the money you lost back"

    quite possibly its my own fault because it mentioned passport or id number on signup, but with pretty much every other casino they only let you enter numbers in that box and not letters, and it was hopeless even contacting support because they almsot kept repeating that i need passport or id when i had already explained to them and they knew i didnt have either
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    I edited your post Sparkz Please you are welcome to explain you just can't copy your chat and post it Hun
    Thank You for understanding
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  3. Sparkz

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    thats no probs, sorry for not explaining it, i forgot to mention (as it was pretty late) that the chat posts i pasted were edited versions of the real chat, so just gave a rough idea of what was mentioned,

    anyways thanks a lot for letting me know and appologies for that :p :p
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    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Thank you
  5. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    As an update as what did happen after,

    at 1st they said they would get in touch with "management" now its the "directors" lol

    previously once i had requested the withdraw i zerod my account because of course the rest of the bonus was not cashable and would be voided off anyway.

    quite recently i did check the pending withdraw and it had disapeared :O, after getting in touch with them they didnt give me any better answer apart from explain how once the id issue is sorted out then i can make the withdraw again which would go through fine, but how can i with no transaction history of it and nothing on my account? i doubt it would of been reversed becasue when you reverse a withdraw there you get an email confirming it as i did before but nope i didnt get 1,

    still waiting for replys explaining this cause either it will go back on my account once the id issue has been resolved so i can withdraw it, or they have just taken it

    will keep you all up to date hmmmmm :confused:
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  6. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    couldnt edit, so i just replied to it,

    i did get a reply off them after, now saying i wont be allowed the bonus winnings after the id issue has been sorted because my account balance is ZERO,

    definately i wouldnt recomend anyone depositing here, the support are possibly the worst i have ever come across, they wont pay me the no deposit bonus that has already been requested just because my account is now £0 (even though i cashed out the £40 which was taken from the balance and has not been reversed by them and put back on my account, instead they are saying its been "denied" and no history of it shows up at all in my account even though it did show up the other day) and 1 of their excuses was that they are the 1st casino to use that software...... no excuse for players who are there and willing to deposit

    certainly 1 to avoid at all cost (apart from the free chip for fun as there may be a 2% chance you will recieve winnings if you meet wagering requirements lmao)

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