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Aug 29, 2008
Valuetown, Netherlands
From november til january I played the M8 poker championship and I won, but with 4 others. We have to split the topprize (and not the total pot) between the 5 of us, so I have to do it with EUR 251 and about the EUR 100 freerollwinnings. So no EUR 1250 for place 1, EUR 750 for place 2 and EUR 500 for place 3.

Congratulations To All The Winners!

Several players got the same amount of points, and after suggestions from our players, we have decided to split the prizepool of €2500 between all the players in the leader board, after how they finished:


1. Place €251, (4 points)

arturex21, lapeso112, MasidaM8, gslim12345, Aldijanaa

2.Place €30, (3 points)

DarkRalp8, asialaafm8, cash25, Fazdolares, xHAMIx, mrThomasJJ, ruth99sx, marinoff13, rene33zz, ASU8ASU, newvd34, lofiks77, zvezdoRs, BlazinBudz, Siwy--JazZ, m8blucky, 01beste, MDrey007, Printul77, kluivert77, sedeucer12, kolcz9000, MaCe90, rebmesav, rhiulange, hugibaba, sosdea135

3.Place €23, (2points)

DanielPOLM8, KoiEtio, TPNTR81, petezz, Hamurabii, bluexin, JoNRock123, random1910, PUNI5H3R, Rovinat072, PACOBAD8, hauszar, xzikixx, ovicu11, kepexi73, poolzory11, mosquito81, Otkacha

We have added EXTRA Forum Poker Challenger Freerolls the next three Sundays, just to show you, how much we appreciate to have you here at M8poker.

Stay tuned for more Promotions in the forthcoming weeks!

Team m8poker
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